Maddix RIP

Well it’s been three and half months now since I put Maddix down so I guess I can write about this now.

Maddix’s final days were a little bit of a struggle he slowly was getting worse and it got to the point one day that I realized that I was keeping him around for me and not because he was happy. It was a tough decision but one that had to be made.

The day I put him down I sent Odin off with my mom to Arizona for a month while I moved in with my sister (thats another story but one I’ll address later) and spent my final time with Maddix.

Came home from work early with a happy meal from McDonald’s for Maddix which he throughly enjoyed. It was a bittersweet day but it was a very peaceful ending with Maddix resting his head on his paw like he did every night, this sleep was just going to be a little longer.

This pretty much sums Maddix up:
faithful friend, strong protector.